Williams Sonoma inspired DIY outdoor bench

Every porch needs a bench, at least that’s what Steve and I decided the other day. Actually Steve has had the concept for this bench in his head for awhile. He wanted to make something without screws and hardware . . . completely with adhesive. Yet he had some other qualifications as well – the bench had to be modern, inexpensive, load bearing (no falling apart please), and look great.

This bench meets all those qualifications and more!

And it was quite a coincidence that we were flipping through a Williams Sonoma Home catalog the other day and found this Larnaca Outdoor Coffee Table that looks somewhat similar:

yet has one BIG difference. The Larnaca coffee table costs $1,295, while Steve’s version is $35. Now ours is a bench while the Larnaca is technically a coffee table, but the idea is the same, and you can always modify the size of this modern bench to fit your desired specifications.

So here’s how to build this bench, with a finished size of 16″ high x 40″ long x 13.5″ deep.

Gather These Supplies

  • Regular 2 x 4s – pine, not pressure treated (see Cut List below; also you may want to use pressure treated wood if your bench is going to be exposed to the elements, though it is more expensive)
  • Exterior grade Liquid Nails (or other construction adhesive made for wood)
  • Bar clamps
  • Thompsons water seal and stain (Nutmeg)
  • Paintbrush
  • Rag
  • Table saw
  • T square – or something to make sure edges are square
  • Hand held belt sander with a 80-grit and 120-grit
  • Sanding blocks – 80-grit and 120-grit
  • Surface protection – cardboard box, tarp, etc
  • Optional – drill and four feet if you don’t want the bench to touch the patio or ground directly

Cut List – you might notice that the measurements don’t quite add up – this is because the ends were milled off and sanded to get the resulting finished size bench.

  • 33.5″ long (five pieces)
  • 40″ long (four pieces)
  • 16″ long (ten pieces)
  • 12.75″ long (eight pieces)

See more: http://diycandy.com/2015/06/modern-williams-sonoma-inspired-diy-outdoor-bench/